The Build ~ August 2011 - October 2011
10.17.11 - 10.31.11~ More fine-tuning, troubleshooting, and paint cleanup
292 Nova
Exhaust Video
Exhaust Vid
  • Misc:
    • Heat shield added to TCC wiring and transmission temp wiring (runs over exhaust)
    • Fixed oil leak coming from motor mount plate
    • Fabricated brackets to secure hood lip molding(missing 5 original brackets)
  • Brought the car to Mayeda Motorsports:
    • Dialed in carb and timing
      • car runs much better, especially when cold
    • Fixed paint overspray
      • required two 3m Claybars and 1/2 gallon of laquer thinner
      • took approx 8 hrs of claybar work and 4 hrs of of cleanup/polishing/waxing
    • Decided on what needs to be done to exhaust system
      • new hangers, isolators and clamps ordered
      • welds will be ground down and tig welded
    • Went through suspension, motors mounts and re-torqued all bolts/nuts

09.05.11 - 10.16.11~ Exhaust Problems
292 Nova
  • Car dropped at a shop for exhaust work (09.05 - 09.17):
    • Not happy with tailpipe routing
      • Tailpipe proximity to fuel pump caused vapor lock and/or fuel pump to shut down
      • Tailpipes below leaf springs - can't change rear tires without removing exhaust
    • Exhaust pipe isolators/bushings fell out
    • Car covered with overspray
  • Misc fixes:
    • TCC lockup issues - wired with relay connected to brake light switch
      • kept manual switch so that it can be manually shutoff if desired
    • Adjusted TV Cable for better shifting characteristics
    • Added second gasket to valve cover - stopped leak
    • Added fuse links to electrical system
      • alternator to battery
      • starter to secondary fuse setup
      • battery to horn relay
    • Added header wrap to tailpipe until exhaust is rerouted
    • Added fan spacer to help with cooling
    • Re-torqued engine mounts
  • Car dropped off at exhaust shop again so it could be fixed (09.29 - 10.11):
    • Exhaust routed better, over leaf springs and away from fuel pump
    • After 50 miles:
      • slip joint welds broke on driver's side
        • tailpipe hits quarter panel when it moves around
      • exhaust mounting bracket fell off on passenger side
      • tailpipes mouted too close to air shock line - melted the line
      • overspray problem not fixed - will need to find someone to fix it

08.13.11 - 09.07.11~ Fine-tuning and troubleshooting
292 Nova
  • Troubleshoot:
    • problems at idle fixed- timing, carb, etc (Mayeda Motorsports)
    • TCC/lockup not working
    • blinkers not working (fixed)
    • radiator & fan clearance issues (bought new fan)
  • Installed:
    • new fan (18" flex fan)
    • radiator (after removing it to be fixed)
  • Leaks fixed:
    • radiator (hit by old fan)
    • coolant leak (upper radiator hose)
    • oil leak (oil drain plug)

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