The Build ~ May 2010 - July 2010

1963 Chevy II Nova 292 Conversion

05.25.10 - Update: Running into too many problems (oil pan, radiator/fan clearance, fuel line). Car won't be finished any earlier than end of June

06.27.10 - Update: Missed all deadlines, so decided to install 700R4 transmission while the car is apart. Hoping car will be done by September.

July details:
Chevy II Nova Restoration Calendar
June details:
Chevy II Nova Restoration Calendar
May details:
Chevy II Nova Restoration Calendar

07.11.10 - 07.24.10 ~ 700r4, radiator and gas tank installed; cooling system is nearing completion
Nova Grill Headlights bumper removal
  • 700r4 installed with new crossmember after modifying transmisison tunnel
    • needed 1/8" clearance in three spots
  • Gas Tank Installed with EPDM rubber between tank and tank straps
  • Worked on cooling system:
    • Radiator Installed
      • Core support drilled in 4 spots to mount radiator
    • Found 2 mechanical fans for use with radiator
      • 6 blade fan - 60's Dodge truck
      • 4 blade fan - 3rd Generation Nova
    • Started researching recirculation coolant overflow cans
    • Test fit 3rd Gen tranny cooler lines - will not work without heavy modification
      • will use braided stainless line instead
  • Sorted nuts/bolts/part in preparation for re-assembly

06.28.10 - 07.09.10 ~ 700r4 mockup and radiator research
Nova Grill Headlights bumper removal
  • Removed Powerglide transmission and driveshaft
  • Temporarily installed 700R4
    • Had problems with BTO/CPP crossmember - it hit the floor before it was close to mounting pts to bolt up
    • Traded BTO/CPP crossmember in for a sheetmetal/stock style crossmember
  • Bought new OE style radiator
    • Width and height is bigger than stock, but is thinner than Summit Universal
    • Mounting will require new mounting holes in core support

06.06.10 - 06.27.10 ~ slowly progressing...
  • Worked on carb linkage issues
    • not reaching full throttle, may be partially due to extra height of engine block
    • fabricated several throttle return spring brackets
  • Continued work on harmonic balancer, alternator, water pump pulley alignment. Balancer was sent back to rebuilding service and moved out 1/8 inch.
    • Alignment is much better now
  • Decided to not use the universal Summit radiator
    • it will require electric fans and b/c of the radiator's thickness, it will also require that the radiator, fans, fan shroud and core support are all installed as a unit

06.01.10 - 06.05.10 ~ getting closer...
Nova Grill Headlights bumper removal
  • Painted and Mounted Fuel Pump Bracket
  • Modified core support to improve radiator fitment
  • Worked on pulley alignment
  • Made template to measure fan/shroud fitment
  • Ordered:
    • EPDM Rubber for vibration dampening (fuel pump bracket)
    • closed cell foam to seal radiator to radiator core
    • misc hardware
  • Had Alternator converted to 110 Amp and 1 Wire, sandblasted and painted

05.11.10 - 05.30.10 ~ some progress...
Nova Grill Headlights bumper removal
  • Re-worked:
    • Oil pan notch
    • Electric Fuel Pump Bracket (started over from scratch)
  • Ordered and Installed:
    • new engine mounts
    • BBC water pump pulley
  • Assembled / modified / installed radiator mounts
  • Worked on Fan Clearance Issues
  • Started bending/fitting fuel lines
  • Flexplate machined to accept alignment dowels (Mayeda Motorsports)

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