The Build ~ April - June 2009
06.24.09 ~ Updated Interior Pics
nova custom interior
  • What's been done since I started:
    • interior color changed to black
    • bucket seats installed
    • new carpet
    • new sunvisors and brackets
    • original-style AM radio installed
    • new kickpanels with speakers
    • new package tray with dual cone speaker
    • cd player with aux input installed in glove box
    • armrests-
      • bases - sanded and painted
      • pads - vinyl dye
    • door panels - vinyl dye
    • tachometer installed (will be moved to center of instrument cluster)
    • new windlance/pinch molding
  • What's still needed
    • headliner install
    • windlace end caps
    • corner pieces for rear window molding
    • a way to mount water temp and oil pressure gauges
06.08.09 - 06.21.09 ~ Painting the Offy valve cover
Nova Valve Cover
  • Traded some 'So Cal Novas' shirts and some cash for an Offenhauser valve cover
  • Took a few hrs to clean up casting and prep for paint
  • Painted with the following:
    • Sides and top of fins -
    • the rest - POR 15 engine enamel


06.13.09 - 06.14.09 ~ Dimpling the 250 Oil Pan
Nova Valve Cover
  • To use a non-nova L6 block, you have to drill the block for the dipstick or modify the oil pan
  • 'Dimpled' a rear sump 250 oil pan to clear the steering components


06.01.09 ~ Painting the Stovebolt Cast Iron Headers
stovebolt cast iron headers
  • surface rust removed and painted with POR 15 Manifold Grey Paint.
05.10.09 - 5.23.09 ~ Custom Center Console - FAIL
  • Decided to make a center console. I wanted it to have:
    • hidden cup holders under the arm rest pad
    • a way to mount tachometer, water temp, and oil pressure gauge
    • ipod hookup
    • inverter to charge laptops, video camera, etc
  • Came up with some preliminary designs, based on other consoles I found online
    • examples I found can be seen here ~ ::Pics::
    • the best design can be seen here ~ ::Pics::
      • my sketch, based off of this design, can be seen here ~ ::Pics::
  • Used a Dodge Stratus console as a starting point, but it needed major modification to fit between the seats:
    • Buckets seats left very little space for a console, so major cutting was required
    • It appears that the tranny tunnel isn't perfectly centered in the car - the passenger side floor pan is about 1/2" narrower than driver's side floor pan.
  • After hours of cutting, sanding and fiberglassing, I gave up on it for now. The result of my efforts can be seen here ~ ::Pics Coming Soon::
05.03.09 - 05.13.09 ~ New Seats
Nova Bucket Seats
  • Found front are rear seats, supposedly out of a 63 Nova, reupholstered and never installed. Cost less than getting my orginal seats recovered
  • Had to created brackets/spacers to install them. Some oberservations:
    • Front buckets may not be out of a 63 or a nova period.
      • Fold straight ahead, not tilted towards tranny tunnel like 63 seats should
      • 65 seats fold forward, but are narrower than these seats are
      • It doesn't appear that the after market brackets they sell to mount bucket seats in a bench car would work with these seats

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