The Build ~ Sept 2008 - Dec 2008
10.09.08 - Preparing for the Engine Swap
Nova 292 Engine
  • Possible problems/challenges I may run into with the 292 install
    • Carburetor Hood Clearance
      • will try to use a GN Snorkel (photos courtesy of T. Griffith)
        • may not work b/c of shock towers
      • may need to find 'low profile' air cleaner
    • Carb and transmission linkage
      • will need to convert to cable throttle with 4 barrel carburetor
    • Fuel Pump
      • electric fuel pump will be needed because of interference from passenger side motor mount
    • Oil Pan Clearance
    • Passenger Side Engine Mount
      • Will use 'solution' in attached photo gallery (photos courtesy of T. Griffith)
    • Radiator Clearance
      • 292 harmonic balancer is longer than 194/230/250
        • electric fan?
09.14.08 - Preparing for the Disc Brake Conversion
  • Components were bought used and boxed up 3 yrs ago
    • they've developed some surface rust that should be cleaned up
  • Need to figure out
    • what CPP kit this is, so I can locate instructions
    • if I'm missing anything
    • what size rims will work
    • what vehicle the calipers, rotors, and master cylinder are from

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