The Build ~ July 2008 - August 2008
08.24.08 - Rear Window Trim Installed
  • Looks great
  • Messed up top passenger side piece
    • Will need to be sent back to be fixed
08.17.08 - Rear Window Trim Inspected
  • Finally took it out of the box
  • Looks amazing!
    • G & L Metal Polishing is highly recommended
08.03.08 - Rear Interior Install
  • Rear Package Tray
  • Rear Seat
    • Seats appear to be 'overstuffed' so they're really hard to get in and out of the car
  • Rear Seatbelts
07.13.08 - Working on the sound system
  • Installed Custom Auto Sound Dual Cone Speaker
    • needed to create a bracket b/c the speaker did not fit, even though it is made for Novas
  • Installed CD Player
    • created a temporary shelf for speaker to sit on
  • Test fit KnA kick panels with speaker openings
    • Kick panels do not fit well and will need to be trimmed.
07.05.08 - Working on the Engine
  • Engine is currently installed in a 1970 C-10. I want to get it running well before pulling it.
    • Installed new harmonic balancer
      • engine runs much better, but pulleys aren't aligned
    • Sounds like water pump bearings are going, so I bought a new water pump
      • 1970 C-10 292 pump will not work
        • hose connections are different
        • propellor hits cylinder wall #1

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