The Build - February 2008 - December 2007
02.25.08 - Removing the Ignition/Lock Cylinder
Ignition Cylinder
02.24.08 - My Dinged-Up Eyebrows
Nova  Headlight Eyebrows
  • Can't afford to fix them now, but maybe some day.....
02.20.08 - 02.24.08 - Rust Prevention & Assembly
zero rust rust prevention
  • floors sanded and prepped.
  • zerorust applied .
  • passenger side window glass and weatherstriping.
  • glovebox installed (incorrectly)..
02.20.08 - Damage to C-Molding
Nova Trunk Trim
  • Damage mostly sustained from getting hit in the parking lot at work, 2 years ago.
  • Trim will be sent to G & L Metalpolishing in NJ for straightening.
02.18.08 - The Glass Guy damages my car
Nova Rear Window Trim
  • The roof ended up with 8-10 dents.
  • Rear window trim is banged up pretty good.
  • He also damaged the trim when taking it off - I didn't see this until now.
  • Trim will be sent to G & L Metalpolishing in NJ for straightening.
02.16.08 - 02.18.08 - Assembly
Nova Glass Installation
  • Re-Assembly is slow!
  • Cleaned up passenger side wheels
  • Installed drivers side glass, door molding and weatherstriping.
  • Installed cluster guage and took measurments for guage housing I am building.
02.11.08 - 02.15.08 - Assembly
Nova Re-Assembly
  • I finally get to see it in the sun.
  • I cleaned up the driver's side wheels.
  • Put on C-molding, trunk trim and a few badges
  • The finace is more excited about getting the car back than I am!
02.10.08 - New Paint
New Paint on the Nova!
  • I got the car back from paint.
12.07 - The Tear Down
Nova disassembly
  • Tearing out the interior and getting some body work done (thanks Chad!!!). We did all of the work over a time period of about 15 days.
  • Chad put in about 80 hours of bodywork and I pitched in another 30 or so taking out the interior and helping where I could with the body work. This was while I was working about 60 hours per week at my 'real' job.

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